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Computer Supported Information System
for Community Nursing
Subproject of INCO-Copernicus Project: 960154,
Cooperative Research in Information Infrastructure (CRII)

Information System for
Community Nursing
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Project Goals:

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The goal of the project is to show and evaluate possibilities of computer support in community nursing. With a suitable computerized solution, based on the up-to-date information technology (portable computers, computer networks and multimedia) and a precise data model, which will include elements of the community nursing process based on electronic records of clients, will be greatly informatized. The suggested application will help us shift the work of a community nurse from a task oriented approach toward a patient oriented approach. By this it will use the strategy of problem solving covering the following major steps: Problem identification, Aid by decision making on the field of interventions and Problem analysis. Standardization plays here an important role, what is already seen in the early stage of coordinating terminology. The international classification of nursing practice developed under the international project TELENURSE will be used. This is also one
of the reasons why international cooperation on this project is inevitable.
Human The project foresees an important task - the making of a prototype supported with a test in practice. Such an approach does not merely assure greater usability of the system but also stimulates users, community nurses, to a wider range of creativity. Informatization does not only mean that machines take over our work or help us with the work we used to do manually. Usage of information tools is also a challenge and a way for new ideas and solution leading to a higher level of quality of work and life. The interdisciplinary approach is herewith a prerequisite as it enables cooperation of various experts from different institutions.

Administrator: Uros Rajkovic