Community nursing 


Community nursing is defined as a special form of health care that assures an active health  and  social  care of individuals,  families  an communities that are due to their biological features or a particular disease more  exposed to harmful effects from the environment.  The  community nurse as the carrier of CN is faced at her work with a rather  large  number  of data  that have  to be effectively organized and documented. This is a prerequisite for the continuity and  quality  of  work. CN encompasses the health  and social  treatment of clients,  families and communities, nursing of women in childbed, new-born children at their homes and nursing of patients at their homes.   The process of nursing is based on modern work method that excels itself with the high level of organization. It allows a systematic approach to the clients. In the entire process  the  client  is a subject and not an object; he or she has a right to be informed about everything,  is  willing  to  cooperate  and  has  full   confidence  in  the  work  of  the community nurse.  The community nurse  together with the client establishes what the client and others can do for the client by themselves. The client must be approached from the  psychophysical and  social point of  view  within his or her close and broad environment.