Project workplan

Setting  up a computer aided  information system to  meet the needs  of the nurse is  proposed.  The IS will be designed on an adequate data model which will be  the result of  the analysis of the  CN system and the nurse's work and will be run according to the method of the system engineering. The analysis will be object oriented. The  data model will  contain all the  objects (nursing phenomena) from records of the process method of the nursing as well as the entities of the financial-statistical character. The prototyping will be used as a development method. The IS will be tested in practice. The computer solution will be  implemented  in the  frame of  a general software  package such as Delphi for instance. The  system  will  be  used  by  community  nurses at their  work in  health  centres as well as on sites. Therefore the application will be written for PCs  in  the  local  area network. To meet the needs of the work on site, portable computers will be used.  An adequate  organizational model, including training and systematic follow-up of the sytem usage will be developed. The  follow-up  of  the  system  utilization  in  practice  will  be  made  against  a critical analysis of the computer CN  information system.  Findings  of  such  analysis  may  result in  changes in  data model, computer solution and its utilization. The expected result of the  project will be tested in a real environment and the prototype of the computer based IS will be evaluated.  The  IS will  permit  testing  and  demonstrations  in  broader  practice  thus assuring  the basis  for a  system  initiation  of the  computer  support  into nursing and for integration in health system.