Author: Eva Jereb


Menthor: prof.dr.Vladislav Rajkovič


Title: Computer Supported Personnel Selection Model





The central part of the dissertation is the personnel selection model. The essence of the model is the inclusion of up-today information methods, especially of artificial intelligence methods in decision making process, which enable the transparency and explanation.  We described the database of our model and the support with expert system, which was made with help of expert system shell DEX. We defined the basic elements of the model such as working place, worker, selection, performance factors and others and gave the criteria for the appraisement of candidates.


The computer based multicriteria hierarchical model supports the personnel selection on the basis of so called objective or hard data, which can be found in human resource information systems, and on the basis of so called subjective or soft data, which are got with help of different questionnaires and conversation with employees or candidates.


Key words:


human resource management, personnel selection, individual work, group work, job analyses, systematisation of human behaviour, working performance, human resource information system, multicriteria decision making, expert systems, expert system shell DEX, data modelling