the book of abstracts

  1. Humphreys, P.C., Discourses underlying decision support
  2. Duffy, N.M., EIS in context
  3. Power D.J., Kaparthi S., The changing technological context of decision support systems
  4. Simosi, M., Strategies for resolving conflicts in a bureaucratic context - implications for the design of a DSS
  5. Zoltay Paprika, Z., Prospects of decision support in the context of strategic decisions - a study of the hungarian microsphere
  6. Carlsson S.A.,  Leidner, D.E., Contextual design of management support systems
  7. McCosh, A. M., Coping with diverse contexts for decision support
  8. Adam, F., Pomerol, J.-Ch., Context sensitive decision analysis based on the investigation of organisational information networks
  9. Delidzakova Drenik, E., The context-sensitivity of a financial management controlling system in a company undergoing restructuring
  10. Brezillon P., Pomerol J.-Ch., Using contextual information in decision making
  11. Bohanec, M., Cestnik, B., Rajkovic, V., Evaluation models for housing loan allocation in the context of floats
  12. Hiti, I., Cestnik, B., Selan, F.,  Janezic, J., Analysing context in DSS for optimal selection of elecommunication services and technologies for business support
  13. Widmeyer, G.R., Context modeling for decision support
  14. Berztiss, A.T., Domain models for flexible decision support systems
  15. Stanek, S., Links between executive support and worker support: software agents for network management
  16. Shanks, G., Darke, P., Incorporating context to improve understanding of a data warehouse
  17. Ng, E.M.W., Hurrion, B., Does the liberty of choosing visual display modes affect the quality and time of decision makings?
  18. Cizman, A., Decision support systems in the integrated production management context
  19. Keenan, P.B., Spatial decision support systems: Extending the technology to a broader user community
  20. Cecez-Kecmanovic, D., Busuttil, A., Moodie, D., Plesman, F., Contextual determinants of the use of an organisational support system in Academia
  21. Marzano, G., Norese, M.F., Silli, E., Information management and multicriteria methods in a context-sensitive decision aid
  22. Banovec, T., Schlamberger, N., Utilization of data of national statistics in the process of decision
  23. Klein, M., Taking context into account when transfering a knowledge-based application from one organization to another. A case study with FINSIM Expert.

articles 1-16 can be found in:
Berkeley, D., Widmeyer, G., Brezillon, P., Rajkovic, V., Context Sensitive Decision Support Systems,
Chapman and Hall on behalf of IFIP, 1998, ISBN 0 412 83740 4

articles 17-23 can be found in:

Brezillon, P., Rajkovic, V., Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems: Supplement papers,
LIP6, 1998, in printing form

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